Let’s Know Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In Today’s life we are surrounded with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Let’s begin with what is Artificial Intelligence (AI), it  has become one of the hottest topic around the globe.

We are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) features day to day in our life. The best Artificial Intelligence (AI) examples  are Siri, Echo, Alexa, Google Now etc.

Now here question arises “what is artificial intelligence in computer” so according to Wikipedia  “artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals”

The father of  AI is “John McCarthy. According to Peter Norvig, a computer scientist and research director at Google Inc.

What is artificial intelligence (ai)  “It is all about figuring what to do when you don’t know what to do.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a magic. Above all the technique and algorithm behind it is to utilize different mathematics algorithms.  And the best part of AI is, it can acquire a pattern from the provided data to solve a problem with high accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Most noteworthy, we don’t even know what is actually happening inside the program but the algorithm would take care of it.

Hence It learns from the data feed by human to solve dedicated problem.

Let’s go through to these six major sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Computerized vision: – As a result of  AI feature is face detection lock. The logic behind this feature is recognizing objects from across the world in Image or video format.
  • Short loops: – Example is Google Map by which AI will show us a shortest route for our desired destination.
  • Voice Recognition: – Interpreted what you are saying or writing.
  • Collection of large amount of data: – Chat bot which will answer your questions.
  • Robotics:- Self driven car
As everything has their pros and cons, so below are the advantages and disadvantages of AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  1. Minimum Chances of Error: –

Because it is a well programmed machine so the chances of error will be on minimum side. Intelligent robots are fed with information and are sent to explore space. Since they are machines with metal bodies, they are more resistant and have greater ability to endure the space and hostile atmosphere.

    2. Available with No limitation of Usage: –

Hence AI can be put to use in mining and other fuel exploration processes. Also can be used for exploring the ocean floor and hence overcome the human limitations. Due to the programming of the robots, AI can perform more laborious and hard work with greater responsibility.

  3. Digital Support: –

Today many company is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their digital support which will increase serving time and minimize the requirement of human support.

4. No Break method: –

Artificial Intelligence (AI) are machines so they don’t require any break like we human require to relax our self.

 5. Medical Accuracy: –

In medical world we are frequently using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for accuracy as well as less time consumption. Nowadays we can see, so many operations are happening by using robotics.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  1. High Cost: –

To make an Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires huge costs. Similarly  their repair and maintenance cost is also too high. As they are software programmed so they require time to time up gradation and maintenance.

      2. No Emotions no moral value: –

For the reason that AI’s are machines so they don’t have any emotions and moral values so they work only on that algorithm which they built on. So we can’t take another work which we can take by humans.

     3. No improvement with time: –

In contrast human can increase their skills by getting experience AI can’t do this. They will work after 5 years like today they work in.

    4. Creativity: –

Hence Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not creative like us. They work only on the defined circumference.

    5. Unemployment: –

By Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) we are facing large number of unemployment.

But as mentioned earlier  Artificial Intelligence (AI) are using by us in our daily life, just to ease our daily work . And Artificial Intelligence (AI) future will increase like anything. Now a days people are learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) by enrolling in  artificial intelligence courses.

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