Blog what & why

Blog what & why

Everyone heard the term “BLOG”, Blogging, Blogger,Tech blog etc. And you’re probably thinking what it’s all about, let’s make this clear.

From so many years I was listening about “BLOG” and “BLOGGING”.  And from that time i was searching  about it.

Fortunately, I’ve now published and managing many different blogs, so now I am pretty clear about it.

History of BLOG!

Earlier blogging was something in which a person would write about their day. Like other new innovations on the Internet, many people saw a good marketing potential in  a blog, Not only  a blog can be used for marketing, but also, a blog can be used for  a home business.

The term “weblog” was first (officially) announced in 1997 by Jorn Barger. In 1999, weblog was shortened to blog. At that point, some people who predicted about it, already Started blogging,

Then came WordPress (in 2003) in picture and it changed a lot. Why so? WordPress started to offer FREE blogging platform. A lot of people have found it useful since it’s really easy to install, maintain and use. More than 75% of the blogs are using WordPress blogging platform.

Blog what & why?

Blog is like a website. I would say that blog is a diary which is mostly maintained by one person. And that person is called a blogger. Usually a blog is being updated on regular basis (Daily/Weekly/Monthly).Blogs are related to certain topics, Like tech blog, travel blog etc.

But it can also have several other topics. Bloggers are usually focused about a specific topic thus they’ll create one.

Blog posts are the fundamental of a blog. Every blog on the internet consists of different blog posts written by the blogger. Blog posts can contain content, videos, images, bullet-points, different headings and so on.

Blogs posts can be shared on social networks Like (Twitter, Facebook, and Google+) and people can leave comments under the blog posts in order to start meaningful conversations.

Blogs can have a LOT of visitors. When your blog has enough posts and it starts to become popular, that blog starts receiving traffic from other sites, social networks and even from search engines.

  Why people do Blogging?

Blogs are made and used for mentioned below reasons.

  • To Express themselves
  • Share valuable information and news to other through internet
  • Make money
  • Self-Branding
  • Connect with other
  • Get updated and gain knowledge
  •  Improve writing skills.
Blog what & why
Why Blogging Is So Popular?

There are many reasons why people have turned into blogging.. As per me few are mentioned below

  • Search engines love new content, and as a result, blogging is a great search engine optimization (SEO) tool.
  • Blogging is a platform which gives an easy way to keep your customers up to date. You can update them about new offers and tips.
  • It is a way to make good money. There are various way to earn money through Blogging such as advertising and affiliate marketing.
What are the downside to Blogging?
Blogging is very popular these days because it works as a marketing tool and gives you money. But it’s not a cup of tea before starting a blog just for making money or to promote your existing business, you should consider these potential downsides.

1.Blogging requires a good deal:- A blog should have effective SEO which will invite and engage readers, it needs to be updated on regular basis. There are a lot of blog junk in the Internet that haven’t been updated in months or even years. The success of blogging comes from having people return, and they only return when they have got fresh and good stuff to read. That means generating content on regular basis.

2. You need fresh and raw ideas to write about:-  The good news is that you    don’t have to write it all. You can have guest writers or hire freelancers. Another option is to curate content from others or do an alternative post.

3.The payout isn’t immediate:- One of the biggest problem with blogging is after investing so much of time have got  little payout in the beginning. It takes time to build up a readership and momentum.

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