International women’s Day

Happy International women’s Day

Happy International women’s Day

On the auspicious occasion of international women’s day let’s celebrate it in a different Style. As we all know our niche is a tech blog. So today we will talk about women contributor in this industry on International women’s day.

We all are aware about blogging now a days. Blogging is a hobby for few people but on the other hand it is a full time career for so many bloggers.

In every field now a days women’s are contributing equally as men are doing it. From flying an Airplane to run a startup or creating a blog and becoming a successful blogger women talent and creativity is everywhere.

On International women’s day we have curated the top 10 female bloggers who are making footprints on blogging world.

  • Jane Sheeba: –

Jane Sheeba has put her feet in blogging industry in the year of 2007.She is founder of

She owns no of blogs based on health & technology niche. She owns a site for bloggers to post their articles and interact with each other.

Apart from being a top blogger she works as a scientist in the Medical Physics field. On this contribution we should wish her happy international women’s day.

  • Amy Porterfield: –

Amy is a social media strategist. She has specialized in Facebook marketing where she will reveal all the strategies, secrets and resources to grow your online business using Facebook.

She is also the co-author of Facebook marketing all-in-one for  dummies. At her blog, Amy helps entrepreneurs across various industries  establish strategies to maximize the power of social media and increase  their online success. 

  •  Shraddha Sharma: –

The founder & Chief Editor of She founded it in the year of 2008.

And behind founding of aim was to feature untold stories of entrepreneurship. She also works with the CNBC group alongside Times of India, one of India’s leading newspaper.

  • Harleena Singh: –

Harleena Singh is the owner of blog Aha! NOW which is currently managed by her and her husband, Vinay.

She always act as a  student and teacher of life, as well as a freelance writer and a blogger. Harleena operates these all online work from her home, also takes care of her family and her main purpose is to help people.

She always balance all thing in a very good manner which is only a women can do, that’s why we should respect all women and should greet them a very happy international women’s day.

According to their website about us page as a freelance writer she has written hundreds of articles on more than two-dozen different topics. She started blogging in 2010 and created Aha! NOW as a platform.

  • Shiwangi Shrivastava: –

Shiwangi Shrivastava, who is a literature graduate as well as also had a fashion design Diploma. However she started blogging from homes as a hobby which turns profession.

                               She started blogging in year 2013 and runs a blog named, where she does lots of motivational writing for the Newbie or new Blogger. Alexa Rank of her blog is 367,393 (Global Rank)

  • Nirmala Santhakumar: –

Nirmala Santhkumar is a part time blogger based in Chennai. She is the Founder of

A blog which deal with different characteristic of social media blogging as well as guides people about the ways of making money online. Alexa Rank of her Blog is 60,254 (Global Rank).

  • Malini Agarwal: –

Malini Agarwal is celebrity and lifestyle blogger. Her entertainment and lifestyle blog com.

It has a huge fan base that is both in India and in western countries too. She has been working with the MTV and is also an RJ.

All above female bloggers have been very successful in their field as well as have set an example of today’s women.

                    Because of their important balancing act between personal and professional life from me and my complete team a big thanks and wish you a very happy international women’s day.

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