Interlinking of blog posts and its importance


Interlinking of blog posts is one of the important and effective parameters for on page SEO. It helps in ranking of your post on the search engines as well as increase the contextual score of your blog.

It plays a very important role in your blog ranking but as I mentioned several times that “Excess of everything is very bad” same rule applies here too.

Too much linking will make your reader annoyed as well as decrease your ranking too.

So my suggestion is to make your blog SEO friendly. Use the interlinking properly between your blog posts. Which will increase readability and ranking too.

But before telling you why interlinking of blog posts are important let’s explore what exactly interlinking is?

              Interlinking of blog posts

Whenever you visited any blog while reading, you must have seen some text in a different color (generally blue) highlighted.

And once you click on that text you will be redirected to some other post (within the same blog) this is an interlinking of blog posts.

In simple words linking to your old blog posts with the help of new posts to generate traffic for those old posts is called interlinking of blog posts.

By using interlinking you can increase your blog ranking very well. And the best example of this technique is Wikipedia.

Have you ever thought why for almost all the keywords, Wikipedia ranks on top of search engines? These are the reasons:-

  • Quality Content
  • Proper and valuable interlinking of articles/pages.
  • A good number of Backlinks

But did you find Wikipedia people rushing to get backlinks (like we generally do), Never. Then the question is how they have so many backlinks.  So the only secret behind it is strong and valuable interlinked articles.

Why the interlinking of blog posts are important?

There are so many reasons due to which you should use the interlinking technique. which is am telling you one by one so that you can understand and use this technique to your blog posts too.

  • SEO: –

We all know to rank any content on search engines we have to follow the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules.  Either on page SEO or off page SEO.

It is an important part of on-page SEO. This is the technique by which we can generate traffic for our old post by just linking with referral keywords on newer posts.

The interlinking of posts will increase the relevancy of those particular posts. Also, Google bots think that the linked pages are the most relevant as the latest pages.  And hence will increase those pages ranking.

  • To Increase Page Views: –

If you wanted to increase your page views then interlinking is the most relevant technique. If you are doing proper and valuable interlinking between posts then the reader thinks those links as a strong reference.

So the visitor who came to your latest post will also check the linked post too, hence it will increase your page views.

  • The decrement in bounce rate: –

Bounce rate plays a vital role when you are thinking about monetizing your blog. If your blog’s bounce rate is too high then you will not get good earning through your blog posts.

So again interlinking is the solution. The lesser the bounce rate better your blog would be. If your blog post average bounce rate is between 50-60% then it considered being a good blog.

Link Juice: –

By interlinking of posts passes link juice to your recent or latest blog post. Which chances of getting a good rank on the search engines will increase by it.

Effective crawling and indexing for bots: –

As we all know more indexing or crawling happens in your blog result will increase your search ranking. By using interlinking of posts will add this feature to your blog.

So there are many more benefits of interlinking that will increase your page ranking, Increase DA And PA, etc.

Also In my next post, I will let you know about the best plugins by which you can increase the interlinking of blog posts.

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