Let’s increase your page            authority (PA)

Before telling you how to increase your page authority (PA) we should know what exactly page authority (PA) is  ???

So page authority (PA) is the ranking of a webpage measured on 0 to 100 scale. Which is developed by MOZ  to assume, how important a web page is and how much authentic, important and useful information the page consists . Also on that basis that page can rank on the top of search results.

The page authority (PA) rank is depends upon many factors including Backlinks, Internal Linking, Content quality and freshness, Word Count, Image optimization  and many more.

So, after this you are able to know the importance of page authority (PA)”. Now it’s time to find out the ways to increase the page authority (PA).

  • Create Fresh & Quality Content: –

As discussed earlier in my previous article “HOW TO IMPROVE SEARCH RANKING search engine bots always hungry for fresh and quality content. And same rule applies here too, for high page authority (PA) or page ranking (PR).

The content matters a lot when it comes to page authority (PA). And it doesn’t only to increase the page authority (PA).

A well-written content can also rank your web page at the top of SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) without the support of backlinks.

Now a days everyone is struggling to solve one puzzle which is how to increase page authority quickly?

page authority

So the crux of the article is you need to create good, fresh & high-quality content which has to be relevant to your topic/brand/blog, and also you need to post content/article/post on regular basis.

The better your content will be, the more likely it is to be re-shared, shouted and liked by readers – and the more likely other sites will link to your page. Since both of these factors returns your good page authority (PA).

  • Internal linking: –

A very logical reason behind this “more you engage bots on your page more your rank will increase”, and by using internal linking this will solve and hence your page authority (PA) will increase.

page authority

  • External Linking: –

External links from high-quality with good ranking sites are considered a strong indicator of quality which is also known as backlink and it will increase your page authority (PA).

Also promote your content on social media. The more social signals you have, the more exposure your content has, which means other sites have a better chance at coming across it.


  • Use Images: –

Always use images in your content with image optimization techniques so that your content will appear if anyone searches for image too.

Believe it or not, but the use of images can have quite a big impact on your page authority (PA).

Using images especially images that are of original content can provide your page with a number of benefits. By using images in your content you will add on mentioned below benefits.

  1. Using Images your content will become more readable.
  2. By Using Images your content will more shareable.
  3. With the help of  Images your content will become more SEO friendly.


  • Update your content on regular basis: –

Suppose you have a page which contains the latest information on a trending topic related to your industry. But for sure it will not be a trending always as the trend keeps on changing over the time.

It’s time to Wake up!!! Guys, your content can get flush out just because of the little change happened in your industry, what to do in that case now??

Don’t worry, it’s so simple just update your web page with the latest changes occurred in your industry by keeping those earlier trends as well, This SEO Practice can

  1. Attract more and more readers through some social love
  2. Will help your web page to maintain a top place in the SERPs
  3. Can become an historic page related to the industry as you keep on updating new things on that page only and last but not the least
  4. Will help your web page to gain a higher Page Authority.
  • Article Submission: –

Always write high quality content articles for getting high page authority (PA) on high page authority (PA) ranking directories with a link back to your site.

Via those high page authority (PA) site bots will travel to your site by using links. And google considers these links as popular reference for your page. And this will result to increase your page rank/ page authority (PA).

  • Organize Contest: –

Running a contest is easiest formula for traffic engagement and also will increase your page authority/ page rank. Try to organize some contest related to your niche for a good review link with your blog or social medial post voting along with your page/site linking.

  • Fix your broken links/ 404 Errors: –

This is one of the most effective technique to increase your page authority/ page ranking. By removing your site broken links your page/ blog will become more search engine bot friendly.

You can use plugin like Broken link checker for WordPress, or Broken link checker websites to identify all broken links and fix them.


You can also use Webmaster tool to find your all broken links and work on changing the links or set them up 301 redirection.

There are many others way, which you can do but mostly its backlinks which helps. Try to maintain a consistency in back-link building process, which makes it very effective, else too many huge spikes might be a bad idea.

You can use backlink checker tools to see how much is your back-link, and you can set a target to get more backlinks and start working from today.

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