optimize your blog posts

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts For Better Results

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts For Better Results

Are you a tech blog owner or blogger? And posting your articles on regular basis, but unable to rank your post on Google Search. Which means your whole efforts are worthless. So get rid of this we should optimize your blog posts.

Here you will get the solution or can say proven techniques to optimize your blog posts and improve your search ranking. Always keep in mind mentioned below point to optimize your blog posts for seo while you are writing a post.

  • Keyword Research: –

The most important part in optimize your blog posts is keyword research. As we all know ranking is the game of picking up right keyword and putting that in appropriate place.

optimize your blog posts

So we should do it in right way. You should pick right keyword for your post to rank.

You need to do some keyword research before writing a post, so that you will get a fair idea about your focus keyword.

  • Use long tail keyword: –

If you are planning to optimize your blog posts for search engines in a professional way then you should use at least one or two long tail keywords per blog post. Now question is why long tail keyword is so important?

optimize your blog posts

Because, in today’s world Website visitors searching long-tail terms are more likely to read the whole post and then seek more information from you. In other words, you’ll generate right type of traffic who later become your regular reader.

  • Place your keyword at right place: –

Putting of your focus keyword at right place is also very important part to optimize your blog posts. Now the question is where are the best part of your posts to place your keyword so that your post rank in google search results.

optimize your blog posts

So here are the most essential and important places to put focus keyword s2qo that you can optimize your blog posts easily.

  • Title Tag: –

The title which you can consider headline is the face of your post. After reading title a reader will decide to continue or not. Google measures by pixel width, not character count approximately 500 pixels to 600 pixels, which translates to around 60 characters.

  • Headers: –

Put your keyword in header section so that google bot travel throughout the post easily and optimize your blog posts.

  • Body: –

Mention your keyword at a normal cadence throughout the body of your post and in the body part. Don’t go overboard at the risk of being penalized for keyword stuffing. Before you start writing a new blog post, you’ll probably think about how to incorporate your keywords into your post so that you can easily optimize your blog posts.

  • URL: –

It is the place where your link is placed so search engine look your URL to know what your post is about. So putting your keywords in URL will play a very important role to optimize your blog posts.

  • Meta Description: –

Meta description is meant to give search engines and readers information about your blog post’s content — so be certain to use your long-tail term so Google and your audience are clear on your post’s content.

  • Make your blog mobile friendly: –

Now a day’s people are accessing search engine from their mobile phones than from computer.

optimize your blog posts

So as a result google displays only mobile friendly sites only. On the other hand mobile friendly sites will give good user experience over the phones which increase user traffic too.

  • Place your Social Sharing buttons at right place: –

As we know “Sharing is caring” but for sharing your post should be good CTA (Call to action). And for this your social media buttons should be placed at strategic locations so that readers can promote and drive traffic to your blog.

optimize your blog posts

The best positions to place your social media sharing buttons are either at the left, at the top, or at the bottom of your blog posts.

  • Use Images: –

Using Images gives power to your blog post and also a good way to optimize your blog posts. Images break a large chunk of text and make your blog posts more appealing.

Viewing images strategically inserted at intervals may just be analogous to taking the prescribed 10 minutes’ break after working for about half an hour. So as per my experience images speak a thousand words, within a snap.

  • User Internal links: –

As you know according to google updates while you are writing a post you should use at least internal link has to be there in your post. It also enable you to rank for that keyword also which you have linked the current post.

It also boost google bot to spend more time to your posts from one to another which results to optimize your blog posts.

  • Use outbound link: –

Links to other sites are known as outbound links. Provide outbound links in order to refer your readers to blogs where they can learn a little bit more of what you’ve written.

  • Use google Search Console: –

Consider this as golden tip. Google search console is giving a trusted insight of you website each and every activity like clicks, warnings and errors.

By using this report you can analyze which keyword people are using to find your blog content.You can learn in detail by checking Google’s Official page.

  • Use Author about information: –

Using “About the author “information at the end of every post. This will introduce yourself in front of your reader. It also helps personalize each post and gives you the opportunity of getting clients who are in need of your services.

All you’ve got to do is talk about yourself, your expertise, and, perhaps, a little of your achievements.

That’s all from me. If you have any query or questions you can leave your comment on comment box below or mail us on whtnext17@gmail.com.

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