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30 Things you should know before starting a blog

    30 Things you should know              before starting a blog

Starting a blog for the very first even just to assume gives an amazing feelings and experience too. Just to think that your written posts or article will read by whole world. And people can share also if you wrote well.

But in reality it not a cup of tea. Starting a blog is like a “Tough Tapasya”. And there are many pitfalls on this way. Especially when you don’t have any prior experience.

When we talk about lot of pitfalls then you should know about it. So here I am giving you   30 Things you should know before starting a blog. So it’s my personal suggestion if you are in mood of starting a blog please go ahead and explore all these 30 things you should know before starting a blog.

  • Choose a niche: –

This is one of the major part where most of new champs trapped. Starting a blog is not just to start and write anything which is coming in your mind. It is a science. My always suggestion is to before starting a blog select your niche. Because after sometimes this niche would be your blog identity. Always choose that niche in which you have deep knowledge as well as interest.

  • Blogging Platform: –

It is again important part before starting a blog. In my previous blog I have done fair comparison between Blogger & WordPress. There I mentioned pros and cons of both platform. So before starting a blog choose your platform too.

  • Hosting: –

Hosting I always consider as showroom if blog is my product. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey. More attractive and well managed your showroom would be more you will attract customers (traffic). My Suggestion is always go for paid hosting.

  • Designing of your blog:-

Starting a blog will give you extra mileage if you Design your blog or article look like an expert. Which will attract maximum eyeball in your blog.

  • Stick with a theme: –

As per SEO and user experience starting a blog matters a lot when we talk about theme which we have chosen. People who have just started a blog always keep changing the blog themes. Which impact a lot I n SEO. So wisely choose a theme and keep it long.

  • Attractive About page: –

Always design you’re about page more attractive with some CTA as well as mention your achievement so that user who is coming on page first time take you as an authority.

  • Use Call to action: –

Always remember the traffic which are coming on your blog will give you something even if you have starting a blog just now. To convert them from a traffic to your subscriber use attractive and meaningful call to action (CTA).

  • Use SEO: –

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something which remain always in trends. So spend some time for doing and following SEO rules so that you will get organic traffic too. I know SEO is long and slow process but it will give you good and organic traffics that everyone who is starting a blog needed.

  • Always Stick will quality: –

Starting a blog along with good quality of content will give you superb spark. Honestly I have personal experience about it. I have spent a lot in marketing of my blog but SEO has its own science which will give you most fantastic results and long term too.

  • Link Building: –

Its again SEO technique but not on page it’s off page technique. By using this technique you can generate referral traffic from some other good websites. When a good website will talk about your blog/website then off course people will travel from that website to your website.

  • Use amazing pics and videos in your blog: –

Starting a blog with amazing videos or images will give your blog extra advantage. Always suggestion is to use some good graphics related to your post so that your reader will get good experience.

  • Always leave space for your readers: –

Starting a blog that doesn’t means only you can write there. Your user/reader who is investing time to read your blog must have right to write something about their experience. So spare some place or use plugins for the users to write there feedback or ask anything about that particular niche.

  • Use Social Media: –

It is one of the most powerful tools now a days. So starting a blog without social share option is like planning to write something without a pen. Use some plugins that allow users to connect with you by their social media handles.

  • Always update your contents: –

If you starting a blog and written almost 10-15 post that doesn’t matter. As per google latest algorithm bots will travel to only those posts who are recently updated. So always keep updating your posts. So that bots will travel regularly on your blog.

  • Guest Blogging: –

As a new blogger or starting a new blog will not solve your problem because it requires some good blog sites references. And that references you will earn by doing guest posting.

  • Be Active: –

Starting a blog means you must have to be super active socially. Which will give your new blog sites good reference traffic.

  • Manage your E-mail lists: –

Once a traffic turns to your customer which means they left some contact details like mail id or contact details. Manage them very wisely.

  • Sharing is caring: –

Starting a new blog that doesn’t stop once you post an article. Your main work as a blogger starts from here only. Share your blog as much as you can at different platforms. By doing this activity your blog will get an identity on those platforms as well as you will get new audience from there.

  • Re-share your old content: –

Once you published your post means nothing re-share it on your social media platform after some intervals. That will give you boost on your traffic and it will also add new subscriber in your kitty.

  • Paid Marketing: –

There is very know and common saying “Nothing is free in this world” and I mean it. There are number of tools and platforms are available for free. But are they solve our complete purpose. No, because they have given you demo after that you need to purchase complete version. Same thing is here. You need to invest something for getting good number of subscriber.

  • Make your blog light: –

In starting a blog we forget to minimize the page load time. As a result we lose good number of users. So just to make your blog light use less and essential plugins only.

  • Make catchy heading: –

Heading always matter. 83 percent of people overlook average heading or tagline. So make it Catchy, so that at least people open it once.

  • Grammar, nobody cares: –

For Starting a blog, people always hesitate and make excuses of not good English. Honestly if your content is good people will love to read it even with less grammatically good English. So if you are in that bunch move out of it and start you venture as a blogger. Actually nobody cares.

  • Do keyword research before every post: –

This is one of the most important thing people should do before starting a blog or writing a post. This will give you complete insight about your keyword searches along with long tail keyword suggestion. There are number of tools available for keyword research. But I usually prefer Google Keyword Planner and ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

  • Always use three steps regularly: –

Always remember before starting a blog keep three steps in your mind writing, editing and publishing. And make it in your regular practice which will give you good traffic and good user experience.

  • Be active on Q and A forum: –

Once you have plan to starting a blog, join some question and answer forum. From here you will get good reference and also by giving answer on asked question with your topic reference you will get quality traffic and backlink too.

  • Always keep security in your mind: –

This is one of the major threat and challenge in online industry. Once you start getting traffic on your blog people will start putting you down by stealing your data. Just to avoid this secure your site.

  • Regular Audit: –

Always do audit on a regular basic. By doing this you will get to know about runtime errors and link break errors. Which will affect your ranking and you may lose traffic too.

  • Don’t staring Analytics: –

Once you starting a blog don’t assume that in a single day you will get millions of million traffic. For this you will have to do so much hard work and efforts along with some investment of time. So don’t start staring analytic every hour.

  • Ignore the haters: –

This world is full of critics. Especially when you are doing something really good, people start criticizing you. Just ignore it and focus on your work and start doing it in a better way. Answer them by putting your efforts and convert it into good results.

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30 Things you should know before starting a blog
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