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WordPress is a popular content management system

 By their own unique features and the possibility of customizations in the content management system that nobody else has. It can be used for making a blog, an e-commerce website or a content generated website. Here developer doesn’t require coding or language knowledge.

I have worked with multiple CMS in a time span of almost 7-8 years and developed almost 400-500 websites. But I can guarantee you that WordPress is popular than any other content management system.

Mentioned below are the best reasons why WordPress is popular than any other content management system.

Open Source Community

One of the major reasons for making WordPress is popular than other content management system is its open-source community. Where anybody can get and share the problems and solutions online.

Even I has stuck sometimes and by taking the help of that community I got a solution. Many bloggers have joined that community just to help others out. It has gained popularity by liking the community of bloggers.

Simple user management

The second and most popular reason which maximum people like is Simple and easy user management. By using WordPress you don’t have to have any coding or language knowledge. It’s very easy and simple to understand. And easy to maintain or manage.

By Using WordPress we can add plugins, sliders, and any additional features which we wanted to do on our website without even taking the help of the developer.


As per reports of W3Techs 37.3% of websites around the world are powered and managed by WordPress.Whereas Shopify & Joomla are on the 2nd and 3rd positions. If we talk about market share percentage then again 63.5% is captured by alone WordPress which is followed by Shopify 4.2% and Joomla with 4.1 %.

Another point to make WordPress is popular than other content management system is its technology which uses PHP, SQL, and Javascript. Which makes it the International standard of coding set by W3C.

Multi-User Feature

For larger organizations, it is tough to work in segments on a particular project. But WordPress allows multi-user features. By opting for this feature big organizations can run operations in little segments in a smooth way.

WordPress comes with six default user roles’ Administrator, Editor, Contributor, Author, Subscriber, and site owner. Later on, you can decide which role you have to give to whom.

SEO Friendly 

This is again a unique feature which is coming in-built with WordPress and making WordPress is popular than other content management system.  When it comes to blogging then images are an essential part of it.

And here in WordPress image optimization is very simple like mentioned Alt Text for images, Image description by which crawler can easily read and index it. You can resize your image as per your requirement and speed of your page.

Mobile friendly

These days mobile users have increased tremendously. As per data, it has increased by 222% in the last 5 years. So for creating a website or a blog it must be mobile friendly to grab more and more users.

And here again, WordPress is popular than other content management system. It is already mobile-friendly because most of the themes are optimized accordingly.

A large number of plugins 

When we talk about beautifying your blog or website you must have to use plugins. And in WordPress, you have a good plugins bank. From where you just need to install, activate, and start using it.

There are multiple famous plugging that is accepted worldwide like Yoast, Google Analytics by Monster, Eliminator, etc.


As you have got incremental traffics/users and you required fast loading and functional website. Here in WordPress, you can scale it up to your choice by choosing better hosting and CDN. WordPress is giving you very flexible options to grow your business in a better way.

Easy to Install and use

WordPress is known for its speed up installation even less than 5 mins. If you are a beginner you can start your website in a single day. All you need is to content and pictures ready.

WordPress is popular than other content management system because it’s friendly with all search engines so you don’t have to wait and do some extra things to rank your website. All you need to required unique and informative content.

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