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Blogging A full time career

        Blogging A full time career

Ten years past Blogging was just a hobby, but after 2015-16 we have seen a good growth in blogging in terms of bloggers and people who started taking blogging a full time career option. The time when evolution of entrepreneurship happens.

Everyone now a days are planning to start something of their own, and blogging is something which anyone can start from, and from anywhere. Although one of the biggest question for people like you who are blogging part-time is, Is blogging a full time career for you? Let’s try to figure out the answer to all these in this post.

First of all this question you need to ask yourself what do you think about blogging. Are you actually taking blogging a full time career? The people who get success in blogging is due to passion and dedication. But at the same time they treat this as a serious business. If you have that attitude, then you have already answered most of the hitch what you had.

Any business is not 100% safe and secure from any kind of hazard or disaster, and online business like blogging is not different. The important thing here is what measures you are taking to safeguard your present and future.

If you are passionate, dedicated and focused about starting something of your own, surely you can become your own boss. There are few major factors like money, family and social which you need to consider before you take this decision.

And, before everything which you need to know is having some skill sets before you start getting into the line of professional blogging. Some of the most skill set are like Writing skills, Social media marketing, Search engine optimization and having “DIL MANGE MORE” attitude…

As I am non tech background so I faced lots of issues like hosting issues, site updating, search engine optimization , down time, maintaining post frequency and so on. Though, needless to say if any job is easy but the point of showing this problem is, to make you aware of possible problems which you are going to Face. And if you stuck into this then all work become a big zero.

Not only is this end along with this mentioned below are the points which you have to face when you are selecting blogging a full time career.


In India blogging or work from home is not considered as reputed job or we can call it part time Job .You should need a healthy discussion with your parents and try to show them real picture. How blogging will be beneficial for your career and how you can make your career into this industry. Try to give them future forecast of blogging industry. Every parents are worried about job and future security and money. Show them your stats and educate them about future of working from home.

Income from blog:-

According to my personal experience in first few month do not expect any income from blogging. First of all you have to post at least 15-20 creative and unique blogs .Then you can start making good income from your blog .You should give advantage to online business. You should have an income coming from stable source like Google Ad-sense and other ad network. Never consider affiliate income as stable income. Some time it gives you good and sometime nothing.

 Business plan:-

Any business must have a robust business plan along with road map.You should have your goals very clear and most important before you decide for blogging as a full time career, Think on every part of this decision that will give you insight, which will help you throughout your life.


If you want to become an entrepreneur but do not have Funding opportunity for starting your company, you could start with blogging. Blogging is not just about writing; it is a complete business that involves in-depth understanding of a topic (domain), digital marketing, and sales.

With blogging, you learn the art of content marketing. There are some companies that became successful based on content marketing only. Similarly, you can build your future business based on your content marketing skills; I know people who have taken up blogging as a full-time career & now a days have successful business model.

Should have courage:-

Most people can’t do new things?  Just because they lack motivation and self-confidence.You need to come out from comfort zone and give try new things. Blogging is one of those risk-free thing. Where you don’t have to lose anything if you fail in it. Later on you can decide it as full-time or part time career.

Find your niche:-

The most important thing is that you should be stick with the topic. You should also be passionate about learning and sharing on that topic. It could be technology, motivational stories, Success stories, News, Bollywood, travel, updated gadget software language or anything you are connected with.

Selecting a brilliant topic is not sufficient. You should know the taste of your customer and also by your blog what problem you are going to solve. If you are writing on healthy food, then your target market would be youngster or teens.

Learn basics of marketing:-

Now you have clarity about your niche, but you are struggling with getting traffic which is most important. And also main reason why most bloggers fail. They write fantastic content but struggle with average footfall on their blog.


To become a successful blogger you have to learn basics of Internet marketing. There are so many blogs and videos available on internet about content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), productivity, and growth hacks.

 Plan how to make money through blogging:-

The main idea behind writing a good blog is to make money .Is it by displaying ads? How much traffic is required to make good money? Should figure out alternate options to making money from the blog?

Initially, you should focus on generating good traffic for your blog. Once you have a good number of visitors per month, you should easily figure out monetization channels.

Apart from running ads, you can earn money by affiliate marketing, selling products directly to your audience, asking your visitors to fill out surveys and reviews, writing sponsored articles and providing consultation .once you become domain expert, people may seek your guidance

Last but not least:-

Rome was not built in a day. Now a day’s blogging is emerging as a full-time career option, and, chances are, you can earn more income from the blog than your current salary. The good news is that starting up a blog is risk-free and you can manage your time according to you only.

That’s all from me. If you have any query or questions you can leave your comment on comment box below or mail us on [email protected].

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