Best Performing Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2019

Best Performing Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2019

When we are talking about Keyword research tools most of the people think about complicated.

Keywords are one of the most critical and important parts of SEO. And without Keyword research tools we can’t rank on Google or any search engine.

For any digital marketer or blogger, it is not possible to keep eyes on everything. Such as content creation, designing, Search Engine optimization.

That’s why Keyword Research tools are very important. But before choosing the best keyword research tools you should know the reason for choosing Keyword Research tools.

1)      Choose the best Keywords based on the niche and total monthly searches.

2)      Can fetch the related long-tail keywords.

3)      It can show the data on competition Keywords.

4)      Targeted Keywords

5)      Boost your search rank

There is a number of keyword research tools available nowadays. But which one is the best among them choosing it is such a pain.

That’s why here I am mentioning few best keyword research tools that have already proven as a reliable keyword research tools in the industry.

The Google Keyword planner is one of the most used as well as popular keyword research tools. For using these tools you have to have AdWords’ account (you can easily create free of cost). The Keyword Planner tool is a good, basic tool for the


Google Keyword Research tools offer you
  1. Average Monthly Searches
  2. Competition Keywords
  3. Suggested bid
  • AdWords & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator: –

With the AdWords & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator tool, we can easily get creative as you search for keywords that align with your site, marketing strategy and goals.

The best thing about this keyword research tool is the way that you can get creative. You can enter a keyword in each of three boxes, press the generate permutations button and you will get the insights.

Rank Tracker is another useful keyword research tool that has one of the largest keyword databases.

It incorporates 23 keyword research methods including Google Keyword Planner, Search Console, and Google Analytics.

With the help of rank tracker, you will get a comprehensive keyword analysis tool. It will analyze the keywords you’ve collected according to the most important SEO efficiency indicators.

It’s one of the best keyword research tools for marketers who don’t want to invest in paid keyword research tools.

The best feature of this tool is it’s a great source of keywords that are truly being searched and clicked on.

The thing many users like about the tool is its Performance Report, which is a list of your pages that received the most clicks from Google and the exact search queries that caused them.

Each and every query will be accompanied by impressions, CTR, and average position metrics. Next, the best thing about this keyword research tool is Google Search Console.

It is good at is identifying Opportunity Keywords (8-20 positions) that with some extra on-page SEO and link building efforts can result in a significant ranking boost.

This Keyword Research tool is working as similar to google’s keyword planner in many ways. It’s working behavior is as similar to other keyword research tools.

First of all, you have to input your keyword and these keyword research tools will give you insights and related data.

Another keyword research tool which is owned by Google. It is not like traditional keyword research tools.

Which doesn’t mean we can’t use it as keyword research tools. This tool will give you very brilliant insights into trending keywords or we can say topics.


In addition to comparing keywords by popularity, you can also see what all topics are on the rise and identify the top keywords for your business.

You can analyze the popularity of the topic or that search query in a certain geographical area.

You have done so much manual keyword research but now I am telling you a keyword research tools in which you don’t have to do anything.

All you have to do is just install the Word tracker Scout chrome extension. It is a very effective extension that will give you insights and competitive keywords research results of your visited page.

Once you have the extension installed, you simply visit a webpage, hover over the content and press the “W” button

Uber suggest provides you with keywords that are not available through the Google Keyword Planner. It is the product of a very renowned digital marketer Mr. Neil Patel.


In this keyword research tool, you just need to type your keyword to this keyword tool and click “suggest.” It will generate a list of keywords that is enough to get some insights about your targeted keyword.

It will simplify your keyword research routine and collect a whole bunch of profitable keywords. The tool combines the data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo with its own proprietary data for the most comprehensive keyword research.

After the tool has generated tons of brand new keyword ideas, you can move the ones that you find the most profitable to a separate keyword list, which is always a nice option.

It is a nice keyword research tool to have in your arsenal – especially if you’re making your first SEO steps.

This keyword research tool provides autocomplete suggestions from a variety of sources, not just from Google, to help you boost your search volume.

While you can use it for Google’s suggestions, there are many other sources,     including Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Amazon.

The best way to use Soovle is to experiment with a variety of keywords while paying close attention to the results from each source.

Using Soovle is as simple as entering your keyword and reviewing the results. It’s quick, it’s efficient and it’ll guide you towards a few good keywords.

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