future of blogging is finished

Future of blogging is finished in 2019!

Future of blogging is finished  in 2019!

You must read numbers of posts with the titled “future of blogging is finished”. These posts are creating fear in minds of tech blog/bloggers and digital marketers.

Are these just for a hack to generating traffic? Or maybe because of the fact that tons of people are searching for the keyword “future of blogging is finished”?People often have shown me the Google trends chart and told me that future of blogging is finished.

Let me tell you that Google Trends show the data based on the search data. If there is less search for the keyword “future of blogging is finished or blogging future”, then Google shows that result which will be comparatively low.

Earlier in year 2008 and so on, people searched about blogging and blogs. But after the year 2010, digital world started adopting blogging for their marketing & SEO techniques adaptation, most of the people who use the internet know what the blog are. As a result people took assumption that future of blogging is finished.

So this chart doesn’t states that the future of blogging is finished in 2019, here are my forecast and predictions about the future of blogging in 2019.

  • Quality Content: –

As I have repeatedly mentioned in my various posts that “Content is king” and blogging is becoming harder and harder every day. Earlier in 2010 if you publish any article with a target keyword, chances of ranking was much much higher.

future of blogging is finished

But now a days due to increasing competition in website environment all you need to beat these competition to rank your post on top. And the only solution for this is Content quality. Else you will be on the same bunch of people who are still thinking that future of blogging is finished.

Recently Google incorporated A.I and machine learning to its search in the form of Rankbrain algorithm. It has the ability to fully comprehend the content and rank quality content.

As per Google, Rank brain is one of the top 3 ranking factors of Google. All you need to work out on creating quality content. Because Google is on its way to analyze the content more effectively than human beings.

People are now a days becoming more content centric. And also google doesn’t want to make people think future of blogging is finished.

People love to follow only those blogs which are unique and with quality content in that particular niche. They subscribe to those blogs and follow them regularly.

When we talk about blogging world, it’s as similar as “First impression is the last impression”. You really need to learn the art of captivating your readers with enchanting content on your blog, or else they will ditch you.

This trend will continue, as people are becoming choosier about the content they consume online.

  • Optimize blog for voice search: –

Now a days Voice search is one of the hottest & latest trends in the digital world. According to statistics compilation published by Word Stream.

As the number of people who use it routinely is growing by the minute, not optimizing for voice search is a huge mistake. And there blog or article may not rank on top but that doesn’t mean future of blogging is finished

As per google updates by 2025 most of bots will filter and rank those article who will be voice search friendly.

future of blogging is finished

Bloggers are currently not following to do this, so as a blogger it’s your chance to shine out. Always keep in your mind that people are more likely to share and like posts with useful information.

Make this type of content easy for their devices to find through voice search. Google itself provides tips on how to do this.

At the time of writing any article always keep in your mind that all those Internet users who find your posts through their smart speakers and smartphone assistants will be able to access your content easily.

And if you follow this then I am sure you will not say it again future of blogging is finished.

Try to make your article am audible version too or use text to speech plugins which will give your blog extra edge.

  • Add video content in your blog: –

As I mentioned earlier this edge is digital edge. Especially people are tends towards video content. So to engage more or more user to your blog you should use video content in your blog.

Even if text is your main content format, you can and should post an occasional v log to connect with your audience. To maximize your reach, you should have a YouTube channel and cross-post your videos on your website as well.

As YouTube is the premier video blogging platform, this is where the majority of views will be. However, posting videos on your website will help boost its ranking.

And will allow more users to attract towards you and your brand instead of saying future of blogging is finished.

You also shouldn’t forget about the power of live streaming. As this video format is rising in popularity, make streams a regular occurrence on your channel.

There are specialized platforms and services for that, like Twitch or YouTube Live Events.

If your content format doesn’t suit those kinds of streaming services, go live on Facebook.

  • Social Media presence: –

Now a days Social media is best platform to increase, boost and promote your blog/posts. Always use social sharing plugins in your post/blog with all social sharing platforms.

future of blogging is finished

Make sure all your content is available through all platforms you use and stay active at all of them. Use specialized plugins to get alerts immediately so you can engage in dialog with all your followers on social media.

You should also take a proactive role and launch different programs that will have your fans advertise your page on one platform. Then take it to other platforms.

For example, launch a promotion on Instagram where your followers will share stories about some of your posts.

Make a video of those and launch it on YouTube and Facebook, and your main website of course to grab more traffic. And also everyone has to know that future of blogging is finished that’s myth only.

  • Mobile friendly Content: –

As we all know, now a days most of population are migrating from website to app, which means from laptop/desktop to mobile.

So to capture those population we should write our post/blog mobile friendly. Google has dedicated bots for smartphones content crawling.

future of blogging is finished

So if your content is smartphone friendly you can capturing those segment traffic too.

And trust me smartphone and voice based content is future blogging, so start working according to them.

That’s all from me. If you have any query or questions you can leave your comment on comment box below or mail us on [email protected].

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