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How to Monetize Your Blog in Covid-19 Outbreak Lockdown

How to Monetize Your Blog in Covid-19 Outbreak Lockdown

As we all know the entire world is facing Covid-19 Outbreak Lockdown. And people are staying home due to nationwide lockdown. As a blogger, it’s a great opportunity to monetize your blog in a better way. Just because of COVID-19 lockdown people are staying at home and using the internet at its max. So mentioned below are the points where you can focus and monetize your blog to generate good traffic.

Share informative Content:-

As we all know that “Content is the King”. And there is no blog that can grab a good amount of traffic without good content.

As people are at home and spending time more than average over the internet, so create not only good content also informative and unique content.

Which will solve others problem then you’re your user will share your content among their friend circles.

Bloggers have to share information that changes people’s lives, the content they can understand, and relate to own self.

Promote Well:-

After writing and the informative blog now it’s time to grow your audience. And initially, you have to use push marketing to reach your audience.

Just Because of Covid-19 Lockdown people are connected through social media only. And very active on social media.

So, use social media to build audience funnel. Always use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to increase your audience.

Once the audience has been built, you are in-game. Now can use your audience to make money.

Advertising income

Just because of this Covid-19 Outbreak and Lockdown brands are also advertising their brand online. Once traffic grows to your blog you could easily negotiate with advertisers by utilizing display ads.

As long as the ads are within your specific niche or industry, you can likely negotiate an amount that would be much more competitive than income from standard PPC ads.

Sell online Coaching:-

As you are an expert in your field by generating a good amount of traffic, people start following your techniques to grow their own traffic. Here you can introduce your online coaching services.

As people are at home so everybody wanted to add some skills by doing online courses. So just launch Online Coaching classes.

Do not try your hands in all fields. Just classify a few courses where you are in the upper hands. Define registration very simple and classes with flexibility and cost-effective too. Which will give you a good amount of traction

Affiliate Marketing:-

One of the popular and lovable methods for monetizing your blog at this COVID-19 Outbreak is affiliate marketing. This plays a very vital role to those bloggers who don’t have their own products to sell. By Affiliate Marketing a blogger can generate a good amount of revenue.

All you just need to share an affiliate link to that particular product. Once the purchase happened via that affiliate link you will get a commission of that sale.

Email Marketing:-

One of the powerful and useful tools to monetize your blog. Always put a form on your blog to capture e-mail ids from users. And keep that list always ready. Because once you have got a good number of e-mail ids start sending an e-mail to those users for any product or services which you have launched.

Once you built a strong bond or tuning with your readers, you can easily generate a good amount of money through the course of marketing both your own products and services or for others too.

Sell digital products:-

Once you have a good amount of audience/ traffic then you can utilize it by launching/selling your own products. The product could be not very vast or complicated. It can be

  • eBooks
  •  Images, video, or music which people can make use of their content
  • Online courses/workshops
  • Digital Marketing courses

Hosting Sponsorship:-

Hosting Sponsorships are one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Once you have a good amount of traffic then you can host sponsorship for any product (Related to your niche) and against that you can earn a good amount of money.

But you have to bit careful about choosing sponsorship products. As you would be the face of that product and your users will buy that product/ services just on your trust.

On the other hand, Google also very strict on sponsor links if you are selling anything which is restricted on google directory and will penalize you as well as your site too. On a safer hand, you should be very transparent as well as careful while choosing products for sponsorship.

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