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Tips to reward your followers

    reward your followers

Have you ever think about giving reward to your followers or loyal customers? If not, start thinking about it. There are multiple ways to make them feel special.

Therefore most of the readers will come and go, but there is a very small percentage of them who are loyal to you, your brand, and your services. That’s why they deserve to be rewarded.

There are multiple ideas to reward your followers & readers without spending much money or time. These ideas can be executed by bloggers like you very easily.

  • Publish readers comments: –

This is one of the easiest way to reward your followers. For example, when a user leaves a comment on your blog, they love to see it displayed on-page.

reward your followers

The recent comment plugin is a good WordPress plugin to display the latest comment. You can add it and show your recent commenters on your blog to reward your followers and loyal customer.

  • Recognize top commenter: –

Every month recognize the top three commenters of your blog and share it on social media and tag them too. By doing this you can reward your followers or loyal customer.

reward your followers

Make habit of sharing and tagging the top commenters on Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus. Try to write a post on your blog’s top commenters once in a month and thank them. That will also give a good response.

  • Become their customer: –

You can reward your followers by becoming his customer or his follower.  Don’t need to ask for a special treat, only you need to buy products he sells when you have a choice or you support his/her new project.

This is the best way to support an ongoing relationship.

  • Offer prize:-

Although this is a paid way to reward your followers. But you do not have to buy a costly reward, consider giving one to your top commenters once in 3 months.

reward your followers

Select a random winner from the list of top commenters, and send a gift.  It can be a novel, an eBook, an mp3 player, or a recipe book from any famous chef. By adopting such habits you can reward your followers.

  • Give Special discount: –

Always offer them a discount coupon to be spent on services which you are offering. By using such hacks your loyal customer will feel loved, you won’t lose anything and instead, your trust factor will grow much higher.

reward your followers

  • Give a backlink: –

One of the most favorite & on high demand always by which reward your loyal customer will feel special. When you write a new post, always keep in mind about the top commenter’s link to post.

If I find something interesting and relevant to my blog, I always share their URL in the post. This will not only improve the relevance of your post but also create a personal touch with your readers.

  • Always remember special dates: –

Always keep in mind to greet your followers and loyal reader on their special days like birthday, anniversary, etc.

reward your followers

Greet them on the day your fan had chosen your brand. Just post a special thanks note which will make the difference and help in building a long-term relationship.

  • Host Contest: –

Always keep in mind that the majority of your blog readers or followers are probably not bloggers. That’s why they need special care because they have shown trust on you.

So just to make them feel special conduct some contest for top commenters.

  • Guest post: –

Your loyal reader and follower can become a special guest for your blog to write a guestpost. Ask your reader or follower to write the reasons why they love your brand/product so much and share his story.

The best way to reward your followers is to listen to them.

  • Share your reader’s post: –

In Addition when a reader or a follower is sharing your posts and comment on it, so it is your responsibility to do the same.


If your loyal follower is a blogger then share their content on social media regularly. By doing this activity your, this activity will motivate and reward your followers.

That’s all from me. If you have any queries or questions you can leave your comment on the comment box below or mail us on [email protected].

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