top 10 most profitable niche

Top 10 most profitable niche

Top 10 most profitable niche which will make money online  for you in 2019

Are you internet marketer, blogger, SEO expert or writing a blog? If Yes, then in your life niche plays a very important role. In my several posts like “Blog what and why ?”  & “How to start a blog . And here we will discuss about Top 10 most profitable niche .

I always advise and educate to our readers to find a good niche. Always choose niche in which you have interest and passionate.

But on the other hand it is also very important that the niche which you are planning to start off is it scalable or in the top 10 most profitable niche.

There is no guarantee that whatever niche you have chosen or planning to choose will make money online for you or in the top 10 most profitable niche.

However there are number of niches in which building a good audience is not tough task.

Now the question is How to choose a niche?

When we are talking about how to choose niche it is directly proportional to what the people want these days. In other ways people want something new or old with new version.

As a blogger you have to be very careful when you are writing something. Always keep in mind that is it related to you niche or not. And will that appeal to your audience to read as well as share or not.

Mentioned below are the Top 10 most profitable niche which are trending in 2019. And people especially new blogger are making money out of these.

  • How to make money online : –

I am keeping this niche on top in the top 10 most profitable niche list which will make money for you in 2019 because of obvious reasons.

top 10 most profitable niche

I have personally seen people who have stick with this niche and continues wrote on this niche only are making money regularly.

But all glitters are not gold”

Too many bloggers jump into this niche and take wrong approach. They pretend that they have good knowledge to share with others about

Making money online but they forgot one important thing this audience is not stupid.

“Ye Public hai sab jaanti hai “

  • Health and Fitness: –

This is one of the very famous, trending and off course among the top 10 most profitable niche list. From centuries of century people are in search of good and balance health.

They are looking for balance diet program, good exercise and magical shape.

top 10 most profitable niche

There are number of companies who are looking for such platform for promoting their supplements, Diet plan, and weight loss & gain program, Exercise platform like gym sessions, Zumba classes etc.

As a marketer or blogger you can’t misuse this niche so you should be genuine and authentic towards your reader so that they can trust on you.

This is very scalable and big industry so be genuine with your writing and always suggest that your reader will give benefits.

  • Dating and relationship :-

Now a days this niche is on trending or we can say number three in top 10 most profitable niche that will make you wealthy.

In today’s busy life very less people are genuine and hence this niche has come into light.

top 10 most profitable niche

Today either someone is looking for love or is into relationship but struggling and looking for a way to rekindle the passion.

In both case online dating and relationship will be the solution.As a blogger with this niche you have upper hand to promote such dating website at your blog or website.

And as a commission you can make good amount of money.

  • Beauty and makeup: –

Now a day’s people are more concern about their look even men too. And here this niche comes into the picture. I am putting this on number four among top 10 most profitable niche where you can make money.

There are numbers of marketplace website like Nykaa, amazon and flipkart those are running affiliate program for the niche specific blogs.

Where you can earn a very good amount of commission by selling their products.

Best part is that by writing on this niche you will get readymade audience. Only you have to monetize your blog in a proper manner.

  • Food: –

As a foodie personally I love this niche. Whenever or wherever I mentioned about top 10 most profitable niche. Never ever forgot this niche.

And best part is that this is not only my one of the favorite niche others too. People love food especially exotic or fast food.

But you can’t sell food as a marketer, instead of selling food you can promote food delivering app and make money through commission but it’s very small in numbers.

So for earning through this niche all you have to do is to improve the content related to food recipe. More and unique your food recipe is more you will get audience and then you can show multiple ads related to food and can earn good commission out of that.

  • Lifestyle: –

This is one of the broadest niche among the top 10 most profitable niche around the internet industry.

To get more audience in this niche you have to write either problem solving techniques of daily life (like organize your bedroom) or write about something which people can relate with themselves ( Like how to balance personal and professional life) .

  • Travel: –

People love travel and that’s why travel niche is one of the lovable among top 10 most profitable niche which you will get automatic audience.

And the best part is as a blogger you no need to do so much research for writing a blog post.

All you just need to do write about unique place of world which are un-explorable or less explorable. Write in details like how to reach.

Best part of visit, best shopping places. Famous malls. Best season to visit etc.

  • Personality Development: –

As similar to lifestyle niche personality development has also very category specific target audience. People are struggling about the life problems as well due to personality development problems but don’t know anyone who can solve the problems.

In this  niche which is on Top 10 most profitable niche you have to be very specific about the problem solving issue. You have to be very solution specific so that audience will stick with you just because of your blog is solving your audience problems.

  • Pets care: –

This niche is emerging like anything. Pets care market has very massive potential. Having a pet is a class in western as well as rest of the world.

You can start a blog for all types of pet caring tips or category specific too.

Also you can start a blog for exotic bird caring tips. How can you grow these exotic birds in our environment?

top 10 most profitable niche

Along with that you can start pet sitting house too or pet care shop.  Also online you can sell their healthy and hygienic food and can earn good amount of profit.

Also you can promote your nearby veterinary clinics or doctor and you can charge per booking from them.

  • Personal Finance:-

Now a days people earning so much but they don’t know how to manage these amount .

By this niche you can teach or guide people how they can diversify their savings into beneficial places from where their money will make money for them.

Very renowned blogger Michelle Gardner is the pioneer of this niche. The majority of her earning is coming from affiliates.

She has written a blog as similar to me how to start a blog. She is mostly write posts about blogging and their earning ways. And she is making money like anything.

So above all the top 10 most profitable niche by which people or we can say internet industry are making money in 2019.

Ranking is not as per their earning it’s just as per me. As mentioned above there are several ways you can make money in these niches.

Promoting other products as an affiliate, partnering with other experts to create information products, promoting physical and digital products, etc.

Another option in these very large markets is running advertisements on your site.

That’s all from me. If you have any query or questions you can leave your comment on comment box below or mail us on [email protected].

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