Blogging Tools for 2020

20+ Blogging Tools for 2020

Blogging Tools for 2020

Now a day’s people choose to blog as a career. But for me, it is a technique or can say art to express thoughts in front of the world. And Using the right Blogging tools will increase its charm and glory. And for people who have chosen it as a career will shine and grow. Here I am listing the top 20 blogging tools for 2020 which people are using.


This is one of my favorite tool which I recommend to every blogger to have.  Here you can answer the widely asked question related to topics which you are following. By this technique, you can increase your website traffic. That is why I have ranked this tool on top in Blogging Tools for 2020.

blogging tools for 2020

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Evernote is an application designed for saving notes, organizing tasks, manage tasks, and an archive too. This application allows users to create notes, in the form of text, drawings, photographs, or saved contents.

This tool has become very popular these days and people like it as blogging tools for 2020. Evernote is a cross-platform for Android, iOS, macOS, and windows. It is available free of cost with the limitation of monthly usage. Later on, you can go for a paid version also.

Google Docs

As I mentioned earlier, nowadays blogging is not only fashion. People are making it a career. Hence blogging tools for 2020 have increased and that’s why making blogging tools list has become long now.

The best example is Google Docs. As per a study usage of google docs is increasing by 20% every month. It is popular nowadays just because of its flexible feature. Few are mentioned below.

a)    You can collectively work with your teammate without sitting along.

b)   It’s easy to save/store on the cloud.

c)    Easy to save as PDF.

d)   No need to get Hassle of installing this application.

For accessing this application all you need to have a computer/laptop, A google Id, and a stable internet connection.

Google Calendar

Similar to Google Docs, Google calendar is also one of the best blogging tools in 2020. It is on this list because of its features. One of the best advantages of this tool is once you set you will get regular reminders. So by this, you will not lose anything as a blogger.

Another best feature is available for every Google account owner. As a blogger, I would say it is one of the best tools in 2020 for keeping you update and make your tasks organized. Here you may integrate your content plan to the Calendar and forget about the missed deadlines.


(BEST blogging tools for 2020 for me)

If you have less skill in writing or grammar, you may take the help of Grammarly. It will take care of any possible mistakes (grammar, spelling, punctuation) by highlighting them and offering you an alternative.

I have seen many professional bloggers use Grammarly. By using it you can edit any kind of sentence/words with proper suggestions. Because nowadays people prefer reading professionally written texts.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a website that is google property. Here you can visit for getting ideas of trending topics. And then you can write about those topics in your blog.

By using this tool you will get a comprehensive insight into your search topic as well as trending topics geographically. By using this tool you will get an insight into using keywords in your blog.


Title Generator

As you can understand by the name. And that’s why it is in my list of top 20 blogging tools for 2020. It will create an original title for your text in a few seconds.

For using this tool you have to type your main keywords so that the algorithm doesn’t give an extra random title. And after a few seconds, you will get a unique title for your blog. Seems magic isn’t?


Nobody is perfect in every skill. So if you are good at writing but not in designing (like me). Then this tool is for you only. From designing side it is my favorite blogging tools for 2020

For using it you just need to create a Canva account. It is a free graphic editor suitable for making posters and announcements for all the popular social networks. Due to the numerous templates and additional elements made in various styles, you can customize your image as per your requirement.


Now a day’s memes have captured focus on the online section. There are multiple online memes and themes are available but you can’t customize it as per your requirements.

But by using Imgflip you can create your own unique pics. Images, screenshots, fonts, and your favorite sarcastic phrases – everything under one roof. And by combining canva with imgflip you will get a deadly combination.



When we are talking about blogging then we can’t avoid Keyword research & SEO Strategies. And Ahrefs is the solution for it. Here you can get insight from keyword research to backlinks checking.

Each and everything whatever is required for good ranking of your blog, you will get it here. Additionally, you can do mentioned below activities too by using this tool.

a)    Competitor Keyword Research: – By using this tool you will get the competitor’s keywords on which their site is ranking.

b)   Content Ideas:- Ahrefs allows you to generate blog post ideas on trending topics.

c)    Ranking Pages:- Here you will get the top-ranking pages of the site you are looking into.

d)   Backlink Insights:- By using this tool you will get the source of the backlinks of the analyzed pages.

Yoast SEO

As I said above when we talk about blogging then we can’t avoid SEO. And  Yoast SEO is a tool that we can’t ignore to keep into the best blogging tools for 2020. I would say it’s a boon for bloggers who don’t have any knowledge of SEO.

Blogging Tools for 2020

It scans your content from an SEO point of view and highlights any error with a solution which will become an issue to rank your post.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analytics service powered by Google that measures and tracks website traffic. It is launched in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. By this tool, you will get a detailed analysis of your traffic including sources, session, user behavior, geography, technology, etc.

Google Search Console

This is another masterstroke powered by google for bloggers which will list it into one of the finest blogging tools for 2020.  It will help you to optimize your site as per google instructions. By using this tool you will be able to find:-

blogging tools for 2020

a)    Number of pages indexed

b)   Count of 404 error page (if any)

c)    Crawling status

d)   Performance of SERP

e)    Security Issue of the page (If any)


Ubersuggest is free of cost keyword planner power by renowned digital marketer Mr. Neil Patel. By this tool, you can find keywords suggestions for your articles. It also gives you an insight into keyword difficulty, Volume of search on that particular keyword, and cost per click (CPC).


Buzzsumo is one of the best blogging tools for 2020 to those who have weak content on their blog or looking for content ideas. Because it will give you the most favorite content of any blog or website.

All you need to just enter any website URL or keyword and Buzzsumo will find the best content of the particular site. It is an important content creation tool and the best blogging tool for 2020.


When we are talking about copyright in blogging. It has become a very serious issue nowadays. And it’s not related to only content but also applies to images and graphics you can find somewhere on the Internet.

For the solution of this issue, Unsplash is one of the free stocks you may visit when looking for a suitable picture for your content.

Quick Sprout

Are you really happy about the recent SEO success of your blog post? Just put your blog URL Quick Sprout and see how popular you got lately. It is suitable for both business and personal purposes.

This website analyzes various SEO parameters and also gives some suggestions on their further development. The blog section will cover any possible questions related to growing your online business so don’t wait to just visit their once. I am sure you will love it.



Completing monotonous tasks may lead to losing track of time. This is why you have to plan your working days and save your progress. Trello is one of the simplest task managers you can possibly imagine.

What’s the secret? Its developers used a trendy Kanban model to ensure you visualize the things you have to do, things in progress, and things that are done already. By putting even the smallest details on board, you practice your task-management – one of the most precious bloggers’ competencies.


It is another best blogging tool for 2020 which will give you your blog page speed analysis. It also helps you to give an insight into page loading timing and give suggestions too of average loading time. By this tool, you can easily compare your page speed with your competitors.

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights It will test for any unnecessary codes and scripts that are slowing down your website with suggestions to fix the issues.


It is the best social media marketing tool which I am keeping it into best blogging tools for 2020. By using this tool you can schedule all your posts and also by re-sharing them from time to time.

Recently they have released an additional feature in which you don’t even need to write the updates, Edgar will do it for you.


It is another social media marketing tool that will save your so much productive time. Here you can schedule your posts. Now a day’s people are using it for scheduling Instagram posts.


Revive Old posts

Another post and my favorite best blogging tools for 2020. It’s a WordPress plugin. And by using this plugging that automatically pulls out your old posts and publishes it into your social media platforms.

By using it you can also share e-commerce products.

That’s all from me. If you have any queries or questions you can leave your comment on the box below or mail us on [email protected].

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