Tricks to get more traffic on your blog

Tricks to get more traffic on    your blog

I am telling you about my personal experience after writing attractive content with a good piece of information. And doing so much Keyword Research, you published a blog post. But after doing so many things you are waiting for traffic on your blog?

After some time you will ask yourself – am I good enough to be doing this? Why I am not getting more traffic on my blog, etc. And then finally you start finding the reasons why major bloggers fail?


If you are facing the same situation then this blog post is for you. Here I will describe to you the tricks to get more traffic on your blog.

I can give you bet on this that blogging works. I have seen a lot of proof around us for that.

People have chosen to blog as a Full-time Career. The problem is not blogging, it is doing things that don’t yield trust or traffic to your blog.

First of all, check your agenda for writing a blog post. Is it actually help people to solve their issue for what they actually landed on your blog post. And at your end, it will increase traffic on your blog.

One thing I would like to clear with you guys. People who are coming on your blog want their solution with logical information. They are least bother to get to know about you.

Here I am trying to describe some important tips for getting more traffic on your blog.

  • Blog commenting (Effective method for increasing traffic on your blog): –

This is one of the old as well as the all-time hit technique for getting referral traffic on your blog post. All you just need to do is search top ranking blogs related to your niche and leave a comment on their blog post with your website link.

  • Write short and crispy: –

Always keep in mind before writing any post that you are writing for humans not for bots. So it should be short, informative and to the point too. This will give a chance to your users to revisit gain and as result traffic on your blog will increase.

  • Be consistent: –

Always fix days for posting your blog post. Which will give impact to your users/ visitors. And also your consistency will leave a professional impact on your user.

  • SEO Friendly: –

While you are writing a post you should keep in your mind about SEO. Write content with keeping in mind Search Engine optimization which will give your post good visibility.


Once your blog post is visible in a pretty manner then automatically it will increase traffic on your blog.

  • Become a referral: –

In Online space always become helpful. Once you help someone, someone will help you for sure. So whenever you write any content give some referrals to good and informative sites. This technique is said to be Backlinking. And it is very helpful in digital space.

  • Spread it on Twitter: –

Whenever you published a post, spread it on twitter too. Tweet links to your posts and other useful content.

  • Be Social: –

Nowadays as we all knew the power of social media. So whatever you are about to publish, publish it on your social account too. And ask your friend to share it in their social space.

  • Good Title (traffic on your blog will increase it): –

I have read somewhere if your title is killer your half work done in online marketing. So I always keep in mind when trying to frame a title.

  • Guest Post: –

As I mentioned in Guest Post. It is one of the best tools for getting good traffic on your blog. By using guest posting you will get good referral traffic which will stay with you for long.

  • Award them for loyalty: –

Your user is your family, so make them happy. Keep them happy by rewarding. I have written a separate post on Tips to Reward your Followers. Which will give your idea.

  • E-mail Marketing: –

This is another robust tool to get regular and valuable traffic to your blog posts. There are several free Email Marketing tools are available in the market to use it (for some user count) I prefer mail chimp.

  • Use Analytics: –

As a blogger or digital marketer always use analytics. This will gives you an insight into your traffic and user behavior. And accordingly, you can market as well as write your content.


  • Use Graphics: –

These days people are more attracted to visual graphics against written content. So for attracting more traffic use graphics and if possible infographics. So that people will love to read and stay for long on your blog.

  • Social Sharing: –

As we all know “Sharing is caring”. So your post should be social sharing enable so that once your user loved your content then they can share it in on their social space.

  • Active on Q&A Forum: –

Always active on Q&A forums. They are actually traffic generator for blogs. Increase your space there. And answer them with reference to your post and leave a link too. So that people will travel from there to your blog post for getting a detailed answer. The best example of the Q&A forum is Quora.


Once you start using the above techniques regularly I am assuring you, you will get the good traffic for your blog.

Gaining new traffic sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth every minute. And with the above tips, you can boost traffic very soon. You may not feel it happen immediately, but stay consistent. You’ll see the results.

That’s all from me. If you have any queries or questions you can leave your comment on the box below or mail us on [email protected].

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