Backlinks and its benefits in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Backlinks and its benefits in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Backlinks are one of the very common and mostly used word in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world.

In today’s world everyone is wanted to be on top searches in search engine and for that people or bloggers are struggling to understand the myth of backlinks.

So here we will explore the term backlinks in broader way and try to find out what backlinks are, why it is so important in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, why it is important for online visibility or ranking and many more. Let’s begin.

            What is backlinks?

It is a the referral link which are coming from other website to your website. In other words it is incoming links for your website.

When your website links are present on some other webpage and traffic is coming through that page is called backlinks.

Earlier more the backlinks you have more the chances to rank on top. Now a days it is also workable to some extent.

That’s why people are running like anything to get good links from pages who have good PA and DA.

When we are discussing about backlinks, so it includes few other terminology too which will make you understand the complete cycle of it.

  • Link Juice: – when a traffic is coming through any referral link, along with traffic that website passes link juice to your webpage.

which will help you to improve your web page or blog ranking as well as increase domain authority.

  • Do follow link: – Do follow links are those link which redirect traffic to linked pages. By default all links are do follow links.


  • No Follow link: – When a website has given link but with no follow tag which means that will not transfer any link juice to your webpage.


  • Internal linking: – If you are linking your own website content which are available on different page, so this type of linking is called internal linking.


  • Anchor Text: – When a particular text is used to hyperlink with another page or website, that text is said to be anchor text. It is very useful when you are trying to rank a particular keyword.
Why Backlinks are so important in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

In SEO backlinks plays very important role, because it will help you to make your website popular on search engine.

When other websites or blog  refer to your website then google consider your website as authority, hence your page ranking will increase.

Google also monitors the number of people who come to visit your website, and these links offer a very convenient way for the visitors from other websites to come to yours.

And as you get more and more visitors to your site, the more Search Engine Optimization SEO “points” you earn.

Just to getting numbers of links does not rank your page well. It includes so many factors so let’s explore those factors which will increase our website ranking.

  • Quality: –

For having good backlinks we should keep it in our mind. If a website whose DA or PA is not up to mark and you are taking referral link from there that will impact your website ranking too.

So before taking backlinks from any website you should check that              page ranking or we can say quality so that the link juice which that              pages passes to you will give some benefits.

  • Relevant: –

Again relevancy is very important factor before taking any referral link. Let’s understand it by an example.

Your website is about tech blog which tells about blogging, digital marketing, and Search engine Optimization etc.

And you have taken backlink from a website which is dealing in clothing or apparels. Will it work?

Off course not because their niche is entire different if you are comparing with your niche.

  • Go for combination: –

In this internet industry there are different types of website available some are e-commerce websites some are Tech blogs, few are forum or question answer websites and some are informative only.

So don’t limit yourself to take backlinks from any specific type of website, go for combination which will increase your ranking.

  • Be Ethical: –

In today’s life everybody wants fast results, but always fast is not good. Why I am pointing this here because I have seen people availed shortcuts to have maximum backlinks in a day, even they got that (by using black hat techniques) but that won’t remain for longer run.

Also Google monitor each and every activity. And if you found guilty google will penalize too.

Why backlinks are important?

Before telling you why backlinks are important, you should know In earlier days you can ranked well if you have low quality backlinks.

After that google rolled out the penguin algorithm hence whole backlinks scenario have changed.

Now it’s very important to have from good quality sites. Also these links should be contextual. 

Now let’s move to why these are important?


  • Backlinks will increase your chances to rank better on search engine. If your content is linked with different sites that content will start rank higher in search results.

Search engine bots will crawl to your pages/website by those  backlinks  which are talking about your page.

As a result it will increase your  positioning.
  • By using backlinks you will get referral traffic. A person who is reading an article and found your page link, so by using your link that user will travel from that page to your webpage just to grab more information about that particular topic.


  • The traffic which are coming through backlinks mostly their bounce rate will be lesser than usual traffic, and the reason is quite simple just because of that traffic is coming to your page for getting some more details about searched topic.


  • Google bots are happy to get new pages and this will happened through backlinks. Once google bots will get new pages they will crawl entire page and index too. As a result it will increase your ranking.


  • Backlinks will increase our website/blog authority. (You can read how to increase page Authority) .

Getting links from good reputed websites is superb way to have transferring authority to your page.

         Those linked which we have inserted in those good quality and                         authority page will be visible for not only google bots but also for                     traffic, hence your branding will automatically increase.


How to start getting good backlinks:-

Generating good backlinks is very important to rank your page on top .

So we need to be very attentive and open minded when we are taking backlinks from other sites.

Mentioned below are the tips which you need to keep into your mind while taking backlinks.


  • Backlinks through infographics: –

Infographics now a days are the most important and popular method to bringing traffics to your Tech blog or web pages.

          It is also important and popular because they are easy to understand              and shareable. Now a days people are tends towards graphics in                      comparison to text.

It is one of the effective way to reach a new audience. By using this technique you can post your articles or posts on other popular websites or blogs and easily get do follow backlinks.


  • Internal links :-

It is a key factor for running a successful blog. They are passing link juice, and you can use your anchor texts.

With a good internal linking structure, you can help users easily navigate through your website and increase the overall user experience.


  • Testimonials :-

Another easy method to earn good, relevant and quality backlinks is to write testimonials for website or blog which you are owning. All you just need to invest few minutes and you can earn a good link.


  • Blog Commenting: –

Another good trick to get good backlinks is blog commenting. For doing it all you need to do a research about your topic or niche.

Find google top 4 sites about your topic/niche and start leaving comments on their post.

  • Directory submission:-

One another trick to submit your home page link to web directories to those whose Da are good. Because Da is another important role to submit links to any page or blog.

Also once you done with the above all tricks then you can check backlinks by BEST BACKLINK CHECKER TOOLS.  

Here you will get to know best backlink checker from where you can easily plan about your further steps for backlinks.

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