major bloggers fail

Why major bloggers fail?

Why major bloggers fail?Some times ago ,blogging was topic of everyone. But do you know why most bloggers fail!

A Good blog means more organic traffic and chances to generate more money through the articles. At that time content was very unique as well as interesting. But that was story of 2012 .Now Question is Why major bloggers fail and Is blogging worth it 2018 ?

Fortunately/ unfortunately we are heading towards 2019.Now a days everyone is running blogs to monetize & earn good revenue, but why most people fail at writing blogs and why major bloggers fail . As per me mentioned below are the major reasons why bloggers fail to make money.

1.Duplicate Content :-

Now a days after reading few successful blogger stories everyone wanted to start career as successful blogger. And this is the only point where major bloggers fail. I am not saying blogging is dead in 2018. No not at all there are so many  possibilities of growth but that should be with proper planning. A Good blog meant  unique content .Starting with copied content will not solve your problem. Due to this blog fails.For unique content a blogger should work hard but her major bloggers fail. Because its lengthy and hard working process .People are becoming content blind, Building articles for the sake of putting something on the page will rarely cut through the filter of today’s internet users.

why major bloggers fail

    2. Regular Posts :-

Again this is the next obstacle where major bloggers fail. Now a days people host a blog but unable to keep it updated. Due to which they loose ranking as well as reader’s interest.A Good blog meant good ranking and regular and good no of visitors . As per me an active blog should post at least 2-4 post in a week. Which will continue user’s interest in a blog and keep good ranking too.

why major bloggers fail

   3.Start a conversation:-

Once we have published a blog after sometime we will start getting review/comments.We should  answer it that will give good user experience and people love to read your blog. But just due to be online and revert every comment is a time taking process and where  major bloggers fail . So should revert on reviews/comment and  try to create good relationship with your users.A Good blog meant open for two way communication.

 4. Bad Writing:-

Do you know, percentage of blogs that fail and the major reason of this is  bad writing.  What does bad writing means?  It doesn’t  means only bad grammar. It carry a poorly structured, unclear piece, where spelling and many more .  Here again major bloggers fail So suggestion is to write post very carefully and make this in your mind .

5.Quality CONTENT always wins:-

Quality writing always wins, regardless of topic.  And without good content its not possible at all so just because lack of quality content major bloggers fail . So if you have question that how many blogs are successful  answer is blogs with quality and unique content.Always try to work with quality that we give good result which will come with your unique brand creation.

6.Lack of Passion:-

This is again major reason why major bloggers fail . They just into blogging because of earning  money .They just start blogging because they saw a few “popular blogger” who are making good money through it. Passion is a key element to successful blogging, so you have to make sure you are blogging with your passion. Always make blog about your passion so that you will not quit blogging soon.

7.Lack of Creativity :-

As a bloggers, we must be creative and come up with new ideas every time by our own. And this is actually lack now a days and here major bloggers fail.Great and successful bloggers don’t just follow the norm, they all have their own ideas, they are creative in one form or the other which is what leads to their success. Many bloggers try to build traffic to their blog using only strategies like blog commenting, social bookmarking e.t.c. Not that all these things don’t work anymore, they work quite effectively but these technique are already saturated, so in order to achieve success more easily you have to come up with something different.

8.SEO Knowledge Is Must:-

As a blogger you should learn SEO and use it to your benefit. Search engine traffic is one of the best type of traffic you can ever have because those who come through search engines are very desperate for information and are ready to stay if you give them what they want. But unfortunately very few people have the real SEO knowledge and this is where major bloggers fail.

why major bloggers fail

9. Lack of Focus:-

Major bloggers fail to focus on one blog, they move to another one without having success with the first one. As per me Stop building “hundreds” of blogs, focus on one. If you have established your first blog, you can then move to another one. By adopting this habit aspirant/new major bloggers fail will not happend It takes a lot to build a successful blog and concentrating your attention on too many blogs at a time won’t do you any good.

Also people enter into blogging industry without proper planning will the reason of major bloggers fail. Making your blog live is easy but running it successfully is equivalent to taking care of a child. And by following above mentioned rules we can stop blogging failure.

Many bloggers give up after one year of launching their blog. Their motivation fades away and blogging die. The blogging expense becomes a problem for them. And your blog become failed blog. So if you are a blogger or planning to start a blog so keep above pointers in your mind .

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